Saturday, December 25, 2010

Freytag: Arabum Proverbia

Arabum proverbia, by Georg Wilhelm Freytag (1838-1839)
This monumental THREE-volume edition provides the voweled Arabic text along with a Latin translation and commentary on each of the proverbs in Latin, organized alphabetically in Arabic. It's an amazing adventure in the world of proverbs. Here's a snapshot:



  1. It would appear that the work extends to a third volume in two parts -

  2. Thank you so much! It often happens that there is a volume missing at GoogleBooks which shows up eventually or which is misindexes (it took over a year for the second volume of Bochart to show up up, for example) - I will have to add Hathi to the list of places to look for missing volumes. Maybe they will even have the volume of Frazer I cannot find anywhere. I will check later today! Thanks very much!

  3. Thanks to those links I was able to search in GoogleBooks and find them after all! It sure would be nice if GoogleBooks let us write up good bibliographical entries for the books which are not correctly labeled at GoogleBooks; especially when the title pages are in Latin, it sure is easy for them to be mislabeled. Anyway, it is very nice to have GoogleBook records for both parts of Volume 3; my school is not part of the Hathi Trust collective, so I cannot download books from there, even though they are freely available for download at GoogleBooks. Thanks again for the help tracking down the rest of this book!