Sunday, January 2, 2011

Merivale: History of the Romans under the Empire

History of the Romans under the Empire, by Charles Merivale.
And that is the last set of items for the Roman agenda. Whoosh. It's a big agenda!

** UPDATED ** The link here to Volume 1 is to an edition that contains Chapter 11.



  1. Hi Laura,

    The edition of Book 1 that you selected ends with chapter 10, but Book 2 begins with chapter 12.

    This edition of Book 1 is apparently the only one freely available on Google Books that contains chapter 11.

  2. Note the odd numbering in Volumes 1 and 2: 1 ends with chapter 10 and 2 begins with chapter 12. I used Dennis's Internet Archive link for the missing chapter, although I'm still hoping to dig it up somewhere on GoogleBooks. Here is Dennis's Internet Archive link that covers the missing chapter:
    Chapter 11 - I took that into account when I did the schedule; hopefully I can dig up a better GoogleBook link by the time we get there on May 1.

  3. Also, book 2 ends with chapter 22, and Book 3 begins with the same.

  4. I swear I linked to this edition of volume 1 (which includes chapter 11) a few minutes before your note, but now I don't see my comment:

  5. FOUND IT: I Googled a weird phrase from Chapter 11 in order to come up with that expanded edition of Volume 1. So I corrected the blog post; it has the right link now. Thank goodness for the power of weird and unique phrases... they can sure help in tracking down mis-cataloged books!

  6. I've also updated the list of links over at the blog I created for my own reading notes:
    Reading Roman History
    I wonder what other oddities will turn up during the actual reading of the books! In the GoogleBooks of Mommsen Book 1 that I was reading last night, someone had helpfully corrected a proofreading error in the margin of the book, and their handwritten annotation in the margin was picked up when Google scanned the book! :-)

  7. I did the same thing. I just searched for "state of the Parthian monarchy."