Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fowle: First East Latin Reading Book - Anecdotes

First Eas Latin Reading Book - Anecdotes, by Edmund Fowle (1877)

Earlier I listed Part 1 of Fowle's First Easy Latin Reading Book, consisting of Aesop's fables. This is Part II - Anecdotes. You will find little stories here about Aristippus, Leonideas, Simonides, Pindar, Sophocles, Xerxes, Epaminondas, Philip of Macedonia, Pyrrhus, Alexander, Dionysius, Mausolus, Sulpicius Gallus, Euripides, Arbricius, Lucius Mummius, and Marcus Cato. As in his Aesop book, Fowle presents the texts of all the anecdotes, then the text of the anecdotes with notes, along with individual vocabulary lists for each anecdote; see screenshot below.


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