Friday, June 24, 2011

Peck & Arrowsmith: Roman Life in Latin Prose and Verse

Roman Life in Latin Prose and Verse by Harry Thurston Peck and Robert Arrowsmith (1894)

This is intended as a sight-reading book for high school and college classes, providing a concise history of Latin literature. The book is basically in chronological order, chosen both for the quality of the writing and also to "reveal something of the life, manners, and opinions" of the age. It begins with popular songs and charms and tomb inscriptions, followed by Ennius, Plautus, and Lucretius, then Catullus and Caesar, Cicero and Vergil, then Horace, Ovid and Livy, then Petronius, Pliny the Elder and Quintilian, then Martial and Juvenal and Pliny the Younger, then Tacitus and Suetonius, and then Aulus Gellius and finally some early Christian hymns. There are notes in the back, but not vocabulary.


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