Sunday, August 21, 2011

Henn: Ahn's Latin Vocabulary for Beginners

Ahn's Latin Vocabulary for Beginners by Peter Henn (1879)

Here is the book's full title: Ahn's Latin vocabulary for beginners, methodical and etymological, with a collection of Latin proverbs and quotations. Here is a description of the "Methodical Part" as given by the author in the Introduction: "This is an attempt to bring home those words and expression of everyday life which are of prime importance for easy reading." Then, in the "Etymological Part," the words derived from the same root are grouped together. There is also a supplement of Latin proverbs and quotations with English translations. The topics covered in the first part are: homo (figura et membra, corporis affectiones, animus eiusque affectiones, aetates et sexus), domus, vestitus, supellex, victus, familiar, commercium, and so on. Macrons are used but not everywhere and always. This first part occupies appx. 30 pages. The etymological part occupies appx. 70 pages, with appx. 30 pages of proverbs in the appendix.


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