Saturday, August 27, 2011

Kendall: Latin Vocabulary of Cognates and Derivatives

A Latin Vocabulary of Cognates and Derivatives by J. M. Kendall (1919)

The listings begin abruptly, with no preface or introduction. The arrangement is alphabetical (more or less - I will confess that I cannot quite figure out just how this book is arranged exactly!), with verbs, adjectives and nouns listed in columns. Some of the groupings are quite productive and useful, but this book seems strangely incomplete. I am not sure, for example, what has happened to the letter B. If anybody has any insight into this odd little book, let me know!



  1. In the course of discovering precisely nothing about this book, I chanced to notice that it is among the 60 Latin-learning books on this CD-ROM:

  2. What an odd collection of stuff on that CDROM... although there are quite a few titles there I have not looked for at Google Books (I've never been quite brave enough to do searches just with "Latin" in the title, although perhaps I should give it a try, since the whole "Latin America" problem is less of a problem with older books I would guess!). I grabbed this Kendall book when I was doing a search for Latin Vocabulary in the title... and it is a very weird little book.