Friday, August 12, 2011

Stirling: Private Tutor to Sententiae Pueriles

The Private Tutor to Sententiae Pueriles by John Stirling (1769)

The sententiae presented here are divided into days of the week, with lessons for the morning and for the afternoon. It is a quite fascinating arrangement, with the proverbs, then a version with facing text Latin and English, with the Latin and English versions using the same word order. This is certainly an approach I am very sympathetic too - I could definitely see revising this textbook for use by a new generation of students!


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  1. I've come across a few of John Stirling's books ( finding them on google books is hard, they all seem to be weirdly indexed). I particularly like his editions with Latin and a Latin paraphrase alongside (the ordo). He seems to have produced editions of texts for schools (and Prince George, apparently) that most other school texxtbook writers ignored, such as Curtius, Florus, and the Colloquendi Formulae. From his selection of texts,he evidently believed in the value of spoken Latin.