Monday, September 19, 2011

Caussin: De Symbolica AEgyptiorum Aapientia

De Symbolica AEgyptiorum Aapientia by Nicolas Caussin (1654)

Here is the complete title: De symbolica aegyptiorum sapientia: in qua symbola, aenigmata, emblemata, parabolae historicae, apologi, hieroglyphica ex Horo Appolline, Clemente Alexand., S. Epiphanio, Symposio poėta, cum notiis et obseruationibus, itemque Polyhistor Symbolicus et parabolarum hist. Stromata Libris XII complectens. This is an enormous book and, unfortunately, it means that some of the page scans are blurred at the margins, although the book is basically quite readable. The historical "parables" are delightful! There is a 1623 edition which provides a better scan, although it does not contain as many appendices.


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