Saturday, September 17, 2011

L'Estrange: Fables of Aesop and Other Eminent Mythologists

Fables of Aesop and Other Eminent Mythologists by Sir Roger L'Estrange (1738)

This is a 1738 edition of Sir Roger L'Estrange's monumental edition, over 500 pages in length, of Aesop's fables in English, originally published in 1692. It is, in my opinion, the single best edition of Aesop in English, covering not just the ancient Greek and Latin fables, but also many of the later Latin fabulists, such as Abstemius. Each fable is accompanied by L'Estrange's "reflections," which provide a thought-provoking window onto 17th-century life and politics. For more information about L'Estrange, see this post at the Bestiaria Latina blog, which contains a complete list of his other books available at Google Books.


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