Friday, September 2, 2011

Lodge: Vocabulary of High School Latin

The Vocabulary of High School Latin by Gonzalez Lodge (1912)

Like Jenks' Manual of Latin Word Formation, this book is based on a very narrow selection of Latin reading materials: Caesar's Gallic War I-V; Cicero's speeches against Cataline, on Pompey's Command, and for the poet Archias; and Vergil's Aeneid, books I-VI. The words are presented in two different systems: they are arranged alphabetically in something like dictionary form with comments on usage and detailed citations, and then they are presented in running order that follows the text.



  1. The second order of presentation (starting on p. 203 of the PDF) looks like sequential order in each book, rather than frequency. E.g. under Caesar, the first words listed are those from the opening paragraph of De Bello Gallico: sum, omnis, divido, in, pars, tres . . .

  2. AHA, thank you for the correction! That's what I get for not knowing Caesar by heart, ha ha. I'll fix the post now. :-)