Friday, November 11, 2011

Gruterus: Florilegium Ethico-Politicum

Florilegium Ethico-Politicum by Janus Gruterus (1611)

Volume 1
Volume 2

In addition to Latin proverbs, it also includes Greek proverbs (with Latin translations) along with the proverbs of various European countries. The first volume contains appx. 300 pages of Latin and Greek proverbs, followed by notes by Gruterus. The second volume contains appx. 200 pages of additional Latin and Greek proverbs with notes by Gruterus, along with proverbs from other European countries.


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  1. Don't forget vol. 3, published in 1612, equally available on Google Books. And check out for his other works, esp. the even larger Polyantheae tomus secundus (1624) and his Bibliotheca exulum (1625).