Friday, December 30, 2011

Catonis Disticha Moralia et Lilii Monita Paedagogica

Catonis Disticha Moralia et Lilii Monita Paedagogica by John Stirling (1734)

Here is a description of the book from its title page: "Cato's Moral Distichs and Lily's Paedagogical Admonitions; viz. The Words of the Author placed according to their Grammatical Construction, in the lower Part of the Page. An Alphabetical Vocabulary of all the Words, shewing their Parts of Speech, and Signification. The Themes of the Verbs with their Government. A TABLE of Scanning, containing all the possible Variations of Hexameter and Pentameter Verses, by which every Line of the Author may be Scanned. Lastly, The Rhetorical Figures are placed at the Bottom of each Page as they occur." The book was prepared for the students of St. Andrew's School in Holbourn. Price: stitched, 9 pence; bound, 1 shilling.


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