Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Flowers of Fable

Flowers of Fable (1847)

The book draws on a wide range of authors: Northcote, Aesop, Croxall, Gellert, Dodsley, Gay, La Fontaine, Lessing, Krasicki, Harder, Merrick, Cowper, etc. (Of course I was especially glad to see Krasicki there, whose Polish bajki are some of my favorites!) The anthologizer's initials appear to be "C.K.F." but no full name is given. Unfortunately, no citations are given for the fables - there is no way to know which fable comes from which source; there is an alphabetical list of titles, but no source information at all. Some of the fables are in prose, and some are in verse, and quite a few of them are accompanied by illustrations. The author is very emphatic in the introduction that the fables are suitable for children and morally uplifting, without any of the repugnant scurrility that often makes its way into collections of fables! Ha!


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