Friday, January 6, 2012

Crusius: Symbolotheca docta

Symbolotheca docta sive gnomae symbolicae by Theodor Crusius (1721)

The full title of the book explains: Symbolotheca docta, sive gnomae symbolicae, celeberrimorum in omnibus facultatibus eruditorum clarorumque virorum. The "symbols" or "gnomae" referred to here are what we would call mottoes; the book contains a list of famous figures, listed alphabetically, with their respective mottoes, most (but not all) of them in Latin. For example, a poet whom I like, Caspar Barthius, has as his motto: Christi beneficio. Ioachimus Camerarius, one of my favorite neo-Latin authors, has a Greek motto: Ἐφήμερος ὁ βίος, which is rendered in Latin, Vita diurna mea est.


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