Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Democritus Ridens

Democritus Ridens by Johann Peter Lange (1655)

Another great book description: Democritus ridens: sive campus recreationum honestarum cum exorcismo melancholiae. Everybody needs to exorcise their melancholy, of course! The book consists of prose anecdotes, some classical and some contemporary, some humorous and some thought-provoking, often with a bon mot of some kind for the punchline. Here's a typical one:
Solitarius. Cleanthes conspicatus quemdan ex amicis solum obambulare, et nescio quid intra se mussitare, accessit hominem, interrogavitque cum quo loqueretur? mecum, inquit alter. Tum Cleanthes: vide, ait, ne cum homine improbo loquaris.


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