Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Boothby: Fables and Satires

Fables and Satires, with a Preface on the Esopean Fable by Sir Brooke Boothby, Bart. - Volume 1, 1809; Volume 2, 1809.
Another project I am working on over the long term is a volume of Aesop's fables in various English translations and one of the most delightful English versions I found is the versification of Sir Brooke Boothby, both volumes of which can be found at GoogleBooks! Not only does Boothby cover the classical Aesop, he also includes his versions in verse of neo-Latin authors such as Abstemius, along with many of the French fabulists, too!

Volume 1 contains his translations of Phaedrus into English verse, plus his translation of Avianus, along with many other fables from Greek and Latin sources. Volume 2 carries on with the Greek and Latin fables, followed by translations from La Fontaine along with other modern European fabulists.

These volumes are a good example of the problematic cataloging of materials at GoogleBooks; I had a heck of a time finding Volume 2 since somehow Boothby's name did not make it into the catalog entry!


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