Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Abstemii Fabulae

Abstemii Fabulae, in Mythologia Aesopica, edited by Isaac Nicolas Nevelet, 1610.
The fables of Abstemius begin on page 531 of this edition of Nevelet and they can be considered one of the most important and influential collections of Renaissance Aesopica. There are quite a few books which contain the first hecatomythium (collection of one hundred fables) that Abstemius wrote, but the only place where I have found both hecatomythia together is in Nevelet's monumental edition of Aesop's fables, which is available at GoogleBooks!

In addition to his charming fables, you have to give Abstemius credit also for his charming Latin name. His Italian name is Lorenzo Bevilacqua, and from his Italian surname Bevi-l'acqua ("Drink-water"), he coined the Latin surname Abstemius.


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