Sunday, July 31, 2011

Jenks: Manual of Latin Word Formation

A Manual of Latin Word Formation for Secondary Schools by Paul Rockwell Jenks (1911)

I am a big fan of this book, which provides a systematic overview of Latin word formation, starting with nouns (nouns derived from verbs, from nouns), then adjectives (derived from verbs, from nouns) then verbs (derived from nouns or adjectives, and from other verbs), and then adverbs, followed by compounds and then prepositions in composition (a section which comprises roughly one fourth of the whole book!). The vocabulary focus is Caesar's Gallic Wars; Cicero's In Catilinam, Pro Lege Manilia and Pro Archia; and Vergil's Aeneid I-VI, but the book is very useful even for students who are not reading those particular texts.



  1. Hi Laura,
    Despite repeated attmepts, I keep getting error messages from Google saying this book is not on their server.....

    :-( Sian

  2. I tried all three links and they are working for me, but sometimes a Google Book might be blocked if you are in a country with different copyright laws than the US - could that be the case? If so, try the Internet Archive:
    (If you ever have trouble with Google Books, try the Internet Archive alternative - I like Google Books because the Internet Archive PDFs do not always display correctly on an iPad, but in terms of book coverage, Internet Archive is very complete and does not observe the same download and viewing restrictions as Google Books)