Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bornitz: Symbola et Emblemata

Symbola et Emblemata by Jakob Bornitz (1680)

Here is the full title of the book from the title page: "Centuria exquisitissimorum Symbolorum et Emblematum historiarum Sacro-Prophanarum Moralium et Politicarum Cultoribus per quam utilis et necessaria ex eruditissimis prisci et moderni saeculi auctoribus collecta quae propter illorum praestantiam tamquam continuatio famosi Ioachimi Camerarii intitulari potest." Each emblem is illustrated, accompanied by a Latin distich along with a Latin essay, following the model established by Camerarius in his four "Centuriae" of emblems on natural history topics.

You can find a different edition, with the emblems neatly outlined in the letters of the motto text at the University of Mannheim CAMENA project. There is also a wonderful online edition as part of the Emblem collection at the Herzog August Bibliothek.


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