Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Caussin: Polyhistor Symbolicus

Polyhistor Symbolicus by Nicolas Caussin (1634)

As the book's subtitle explains, this is a book "electorum symbolorum et parabolarum historicarum stromata, XII libris complectens." The books are organized by topics: Mundus et Elementa, Dii Gentium, Hominis Bona, Hominis Mala, Ritus Gentium, Aves, Quadrupedes, Pisces, Serpentes et Insecta, Plantae, Lapilli et Manufacta. Within each chapter, you will find a series of numbered entries, each consisting of an anecdote or observation of some kind, followed by an "apodosis," which is an interpretive commentary, explaining the significance of the symbol.


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