Thursday, January 19, 2012

Brusoni: Facetiae

Facetiarum libri VII by Lucio D. Brusoni (1560)

This book contains excerpts from Greek and Latin sources with historical anecdotes and witty sayings. The stories and sayings are organized by topic, De Avaritia, De Amore, De Amicitia et Amicis, etc., with an alphabetical list of topics in the back. It's a treasure-trove of fun things to read! In the section on "Mala sibi apportans" I found the story of the Carpathian and the rabbit, one of my favorites! Carpathiorum in insula lepores non erant, importarunt accolae aliunde, sed tanta mox leporum multitudo excrevit, ut insulae fruges omnes sint populati.


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