Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Boothby: Fables and Satires

Fables and Satires by Sir Brooke Boothby (1809)
The verse fables of Sir Brooke Boothby are a wonderful contribution to the Aesop fable literature in English, and the collection is especially notable for including later Latin authors as well as fables from French, German and Italian literature. Volume 1 contains Phaedrus, Avianus, plus more Greek and Latin fables; Volume 2 contains more Greek and Latin fables, fables from La Fontaine, more European fables along with Boothby's original fables and satires in verse. I'm currently republishing Boothby's poems, with illustrations, over at my English Aesop blog.

Here is a portrait of Boothby by the painter Joseph Wright:


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