Thursday, February 17, 2011

Healey and Kingdon: Excerpta Facilia

Excerpta Facilia, a Second Latin Translation Book by H.R Heatley and H.N. Kingdon (1883)
Heatley and Kingdon are the authors of the Gradatim Reader, which you might be familiar with - I'll post about that next time, in case that book is new to anyone reading this blog. This is a second book with more extensive readings: a series of Anecdotes (60 selections in 33 pages); Scenes from the Civil War (appx. 12 pages), Lives of Miltiades, Themistocles, Pausanias, Alcibiades and Epaminondas (appx. 25 pages); The Battle of Arbela (13 pages), and Selections from Ovid (16 pages). There are then grammar notes, and also a complete vocabulary at the end.

See the ANECDOTA blog for the readings from this book digitized and illustrated.

The Battle of Arbela


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