Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Arnold: Latin Word-Building

Latin Word-Building by Thomas Kerchever Arnold (1855)

This is a thorough and somewhat technical book, probably more useful for Latin teachers than for Latin students. Its level of detail is commendable, as in this explanation of the fourth conjugation: "The suffix io, ire was originally causative: thus sanc-i-re, to make sacred, ir-ret-i-re, len-i-re, part-i-ri, make oneself a partner, sort-i-ri, blandiri, largiri, potirir, saevire, ferocire, vestire, punire from poena. These are mostly derived from i-nouns: finire, fini-s: lenire, leni-s: mollire, molli-s: audire, from auri-s = ausi-s: but not exclusively, as in the instances above given." Lots to use and learn from here, with great raw materials to use in preparing vocabulary-building exercises for students, even if this book itself is not very student-friendly.


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