Monday, February 6, 2012

Cooper: Argosy of Fables

An Argosy of Fables by Frederic Taber Cooper (1921)

This is an enormous and delightful book containing almost 500 pages worth of fables from all over the world. The books opens with stories from the prose Aesop, Babrius, Phaedrus, Avianus and Abstemius. The second part of the book contains Indian stories from the Hitopadesha, the Panchatantra, the Katha Sarit-Sagara, and the Jatakas, followed by Persian fables from Jami, Sadi and the Anwar-i-Suhaili. There are also Chinese, Armenian and Turkish fables. The third part of the book contains modern European fables, from England, France, Spain, Russia, Germany and Poland. The final part of the book contains African and Native American fables.


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