Sunday, March 18, 2012

Germano: Giardino di sentenze volgari e latine

Giardino di sentenze volgari e latine by Antonio Germano (1630)

There is an index of authors at the beginning - and you can see just from scanning that list what a delightful collection that is. The next index is an alphabetical index of the contents (in Italian). The contents consist of prose sayings as well as short passages of verse, with authors indicated, and sometimes with the title of the work. The mixture of classical and neo-Latin poetry is really appealing. There are plenty of epigrams and distichs in here, as well as short excerpts from longer poems and dramatic works. There is more Latin content than Italian - so the book makes great reading even for people who don't know Italian, and if you do read Italian, it is even better!


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