Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bauhuis: Epigrammata

Epigrammata by Bernard Bauhuis (1620)

This is a collection of epigrams by a Jesuit scholar from Antwerp, and it looks like I can gather some religious distichs here, although the poems are admittedl on the long side (and written in a nice variety of meters, too, I should add). For a distich, here is one right at the beginning of the book:

Peccati Punitio
Ad scelerum poenas ultrix venit ira Tonantis;
Hoc graviore manu, quo graviore pede.

Here's another one - as you can see, this is a Jesuit poet who likes to make use of his classical learning, too:

Disce Mori
Certus ut evites Lethen, Acheronta, Stygemque,
Ne vive, tantum discito semper mori.


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